Few Steps Away to Backup Google Docs!

How to backup Google Apps Docs? The mystery demystified, now watch step by step series of static screen shots that explains how to backup Google Apps documents.

  1. Startup with Domain Name Registration, it's a compulsory step. Also set local saving path of your system where to backup Google Apps documents:

    » Domain Name: Enter valid domain name i.e. registered in Google Apps services

    » Admin Username: Administrative account name who can fully access domain

    » Admin Password: Enter administrative account password

    » Consumer Key: Enter oAuth consumer key

    » Destination Location:: Saving Location on the file system where docs will be stored

  2. In following screen Click Synchronize button to sync the Google Apps Groups and Users with local storage repository:

  3. On complete synchronization, groups tree hierarchy is displayed. Click on any group to see associated users for that group in the list in following screen:

  4. Backup Policies can be of three different types:

    » Hourly Backup: Set Backup frequency in hours (Set backup time duration 00 23 hours)

    » Weekly Backup: Set Backup Frequency (Set backup time duration 00 23 hours) >> Set Day of Week

    » Daily Backup: Set Backup Frequency (Set no. of Days from 0-6)

  5. In following Screen Click Policy Tab to view existing policies. Modify existing policies in previous screen >> Click Add Button:

  6. In following screen Click Logs Tab to view collection of recorded events for backup process:

    » Logs Policy Tab: Display policies which are completed during specified time interval at User level

    » Logs Today Tab: Display documents downloaded on that date

    » Logs History Tab: Display documents downloaded during specified interval

  7. In following screen Click Monitor Tab to display documents being downloaded currently when backup is in progress:

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