Uncover IMAP to Google Apps Migration Process

How to Migrate IMAP to Google Apps? The question to this problem lies here. Watch step by step screenshots of tool to learn how to migrate IMAP domain to Google Apps.

  1. After successful migration a Domain Name Registration wizard prompt up. Enter details to complete registration, Click Register:

    » Domain Name: Enter valid domain name i.e. registered in Google Apps

    » Admin Username: Administrative account name who has full access to that domain

    » Admin Password: Enter administrative account password

    » Consumer Key: By default Google Apps services considers domain name as Consumer key

  2. Following screen validates domain names if correct or not. Click Ok to complete registration:

  3. From the following window click Migrate option to start migration process:

  4. In given below screen enter IMAP server name (imap.example.com). It's highly recommended to check the SSL Connection:

  5. In next screen >> Click Add user (to add multiple users one by one) Or Click Remove (to remove selected users) >> Or Click Import CSV (to add multiple user account all at one click). Enter password of user accounts for both source & destination path:

  6. Once selection is done click Export to start the migration job. Then software shows Status report with: Username (IMAP account), User (Google Account), selected Folder, Mails, Errors generated, upload speed and current status.

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