Lotus Notes to Google Apps Migration Steps Unveiled!

Most generally questioned query is "how to migrate Lotus Notes to Google Apps". The remedy lies in our company software that skillfully explains how to migrate Lotus Notes to Google apps. Watch static screenshots & learns the complete procedure.

  1. As soon as download is finished, Domain Name Registration wizard is launched. Enter following details >> Click Register to continue domain name registration:

    » Domain Name: Enter domain name i.e. registered in Google Apps services

    » Admin Username: Administrator account name (who has full access over that domain)

    » Admin Password: Enter administer account password

    » Consumer Key: Google Apps considers domain name as consumer key

  2. A screen prompt up that ensures Accuracy of Domain name. Click Ok to start to continue migration

  3. In following screen Click Migrate button to start up the Lotus Notes to Google Apps migration process:

  4. Check Pre-requisites whether user meets all migration criterias:

  5. In following window click >> Add Files (to add NSF files) Or Add Folder (add folder containing NSF files) Or Click Import CSV (to import multiple contacts at a time) Or Click Remove (to remove selected file/folder):

  6. Below screen shows multiple User Selected NSF Files from local drive. Click Open to Add selected files in tools window:

  7. Enter Google Apps Username in the following screen or optionally user can Import CSV file to add multiple users at a time:

  8. Set Migration Filters in below screen to filter NSF file data based on selected filter options. Click Export to start the migration process:

    » Select One or Multiple: Emails, Contacts & Contacts either individually or any combination on them

    » Include Received On Interval: Select files between the received date ranges

    » Exclude Deleted Items: Opt out deleted items prior migration

    » Exclude Sent Items: Opt out sent items before migration

    » Migrate contacts as Shared Contacts: Allows migrated contacts sharing

    » Remove Encryption: Remove encryption from NSF files

  9. Next screen displays Status reports with Username, File Path, Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Errors occurred and Upload speed. On finish of migration process Click Ok:

  10. On successful migration a confirmation message prompts. Click on "Click here to view Unmigrated Mail(s)" to view left over mails. Click Ok on finish:

  11. Now Login to Google Apps account & view all migrated NSF file data:

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