Disclose Outlook to Google Apps Migration Process!

Resolve conflicts about how to migrate Outlook to Google Apps. The solution that expertly reveals how to migrate Outlook to Google Apps cloud is given by our company. Step-by-step migration is process is explained by screenshots:

  1. After successful installation following Domain Name Registration window prompts up. Enter following details to get started. Click register to resister domain name:

    » Domain Name: Enter valid domain name i.e. registered in Google Apps services

    » Admin Username: Administrative account name who has full access to that domain

    » Admin Password: Enter administrative account password

    » Consumer Key: By default Google Apps services considers domain name as Consumer key

  2. Following screen shows up whether domain name is valid or not. Click Ok to confirm registration and proceed to next window:

  3. Check pre-requisites for Outlook to Google Apps migrationl. Click Next:

  4. Select from the next window >> Click Add Files (to add multiple PST files) Or Click Add Folder (to add multiple PST file folders). Or Click import CSV (to import multiple users at a time). Or Click Remove (remove selected files):

  5. Following screen shows selected PST file from the selected folder. Click Open to queue selected file in tool's window:

  6. Shown below screen shows no. of files selected for Outlook to Google Apps migration. Enter username and password or user can directly import CSV file.

  7. Optionally set same password for all. Click Next to proceed.

  8. Following screen shows list of filters available for constraint Outlook to Google Apps migration. Set filters then Click Export to start the migration process:

    » Select One or Multiple: Emails, Contacts & Contacts either individually or any combination on them

    » Include Received On Interval: Select files between the received date ranges

    » Exclude Deleted Items: Evict deleted items prior migration

    » Exclude Sent Items: Evict sent items before migration

    » Exclude Junk Items: Evict Junk items prior migration

  9. Next window shows Current Status: Username, File Path, Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Errors and Upload Speed. Progress bar shows overall migration process:

  10. On successful migration confirmation message prompt up. Click Ok to finish the migration:

  11. Now login to your Google Apps account:

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