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What is Google Apps? » » Google Apps is a collection of web-based programs and file storage applications that run in a browser with requiring users to buy or install any software. Google Apps provide online cloud computing environment to eliminate software dependency.
What is Google Apps Doing? » » Google Apps enable off-premise cloud services for just-in-time lifestyle. User just simply login to Google Apps services to access Google cloud based Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Video and Google talk.
How does Google Apps Works? » » All Google Apps application work through web browser, user must have user account. Once logged in can access down Google Apps services based on the plan chosen to perform higher level functions. Just tap to Google Apps cloud service.
What is Google Gmail? » » Email upto 25 GB storage to manage & set inbox quotas, advanced spam filtering to filter spam from employees' inboxes. Google mails are integrated with instant messaging to connect with contacts instantly with built-in security and mobile integration.
What is Google Docs? » » Google Documents provides simultaneous editing for multiple so they can work together. Real-time collaboration can be done internally, or, by invitation, with external partners and clients.
What is Google Calendar? » » It's an online calendar service to schedule all business meetings online. Overlay multiple calendars to enter meeting details, and Google Calendar sends invitations and updates RSVPs.
What is Google Sites? » » Collection of in built templates promotes collaboration during online site creation. Enriched environment to create any kind of website: corporate intranet, team, project, departmental, training, wikis, and more.
What is Google Videos? » » Share more information in less time start with online video training, executive communication and easy web-based video sharing.
What is Google Talk? » » Online chat services with secure instant messaging, status updates and a very easy way to connect with co-workers.
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